Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our treasured dog...

Ah the familiarity of the blogging world.

I am finally writing here again and it is not that I haven't been writing.. just everywhere but on my blog - for a local magazine instead.

There is something freeing about the blog world.

I got somewhat excited as I prepared to write, the beauty I think is that I had no idea what I was going to write about- but that is OK.

Do I tell you about my sick dog, my sore back and exhausted body after this long week or the lumpy custard my husband has lovingly (bless him) served me up as a treat... my new work load, my big 30 coming up or my new love of health..

It's been a while.

Well right now I am tired so I will keep it short.  The central focus of my life this week was my special pup Murphy. He was my first baby, the dog who gave us some practise before children, as they do. Suddenly he started throwing up and didn't stop. After rushed trips to the vet but no answers found he gave up on eating and finally drinking, making for a long teary night as I worried he would drift away from us as we slept.

These are the times you realise how close your animals are in your life, your unit, your family.

The tears didn't stop as I thought back on the lack of walks, the scoldings when we were stressed and the lack of time we had for him once the kids came along. As it goes.

It was a scary night as I waited until morning light to ring the vet and wait on their doorstep tears and all.

Sedation, x-rays and an empty wallet later we were no more in the know and a no happier dog, just told to wait it out and see. That word... time.

A sore guts just seemed like such a weak answer as he choked every time I feed him water through a syringe and he collapsed when he stood to try to go toilet. Completely exhausted one night, I actually slept through the night but found him saturated in a pool of urine as he hadn't had the strength to get himself up to the toilet himself.

My heart was breaking as I nursed him. Nothing else mattered and kids demands seemed more selfish that normal as the reality lay our dog was possibly dying.

But the love of animals is a powerful force and their determination to stay loyal and stick around. Tiny progress today, step by step he has sniffed at food then had a small taste. He wanted to chase a cat and tries to go toilet more. He walks down to be with us on the couch and looks at us with some life, not hunched over and giving up in his eyes.

This is Murphy:

The sweetest dog in the world... and on the mend.

There was nothing else I wanted to write about tonight... but him.

Treasure your furry family members.

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