Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Note writing...

Note writing.......

I got sent to the principals office at primary school because of it.... well love letters. 

The simple and creative gesture of a note is fading away as technology takes his place in modern society.

The postal service is at risk.

Kids, there used to be such things as pen pals! 

It's shame and in my simple little way I won't let it die out for my family and I.

Miss five has a best friend in Auckland, even though it takes a lot of encouragement to write a letter sometimes it is worth the excitement when one arrives back in the post on a sunny afternoon. 

Notes are also flying around our home at the moment and us as parents where not seeing how important these had become to Miss five until daddy heard this...

"Here is a note for you Dad."

"Oh thank you!"

"Daddy... why don't you and mum ever write back?"

Heart drop moment. 

So, here I sit... writing notes. I was in bed but my motherly conscience could not bear it. First note written back and ready to be placed on the end of a princesses bed in just a few moments....

The simple things.