Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ballet memories x

The memories came flooding back. 
Tears welled in my eyes.

My darling baby girl all dressed up as a ballerina and nervous for her first time on stage. 

She folded her arms with nerves, doing little nervous jumps at first...

You made me so proud girl and broke through a barrier in your confidence up there, loving every second and showing the crowd your very best. 

You even nailed the solo that you were not expected to do! 

Love you baby- you did amazing! 


'Christmas Elfing'

Even a word? Elfing? Anyway this is what we are up to in our house at the moment and apart from the hideous humidity that makes me grumpy at everyone I love and hair frizzy and afro it has been thoroughly enjoyable I must say.

Last year we moved in to this house right on Christmas so as much as it was an amazing Chrissy prezzie and very exciting it also brought with it exhaustion, chaos and boxes.

Now we have had a year to really settle in our focus is on making the food YUM this year. Putting in the extra effort and spoiling our family and friends who may pop by (hint hint...)

Master four is a keen helper in the kitchen and it has been lovely to spend this time with him during the day before school came to a close.

After school we busied ourselves some more and Miss five and I had a go a peppermint bark, inspired from here while the little chap slept.

I am doing the baking in advance this year as to be honest, the closer I get to Christmas the less I want to do so I aim to get it all done far before Christmas Eve so I can just sit back and be merry.

What is on your list? Any traditions?

I've cottoned on to truffles this year and coconut ice. In this weather I do not want to be near an oven so I have been finding the recipes for treats and slices that do not require it!

Easy recipes, I will post up under the tab!

Happy Christmas prep!

Love Pip