Monday, March 18, 2013

Orange monsters

So this is how the hour or so panned out yesterday, I'll set the background
 (so you don't think Master Four is a COMPLETE monster....)

I always hesitate writing about these moments as I would sound a lot more in control if you plainly just never found out. But parenting is already behind such closed doors already and all of us act like we have it all under control  when sometimes... just sometimes... we actually don't, and are all in the same boat.
This is new to all of us.

So I figure why hide the most terrible moments away?

Once you can laugh about them of course...

We need to share, to feel a "phew I'm not the only one!" So I continue...

We had come out of a time when daddy had been away all the time, and recently absent four days straight for a bike race. For my son especially, this takes it's toll big time and we always expect a bit of colourful behaviour at the end of it. As you know our little family dog has just died and what a shake up this has been. It seemed Master four had come out fine from the experience, not quite understanding what happened but they all react in different ways and this was his. We had also just got back from a flying visit up North to support the race, mummy was sick, tired, busy and running low on patience.

So it all came crashing down after school yesterday...

I could feel it brewing, from lying on the floor of the chemist waiting for the script to clear his dots to tears in the car, to the absent look of tiredness and loss of hearing.

Once home it was time to put on the cream, so after a long bath which was a mission in itself to convince it was needed... it was time.

With this kid, opposite to the other he hates anything different in routine, wet, yukky feeling or dirty. We are getting somewhere with this but some days this strong mindedness can get the better of you!
So mum wasn't in the mood. I wanted it done, I wanted dinner on and I wanted to go to bed.

Once the cream was going on it was shock horror time. Of course being Betadine cream it was bright orange and he was not impressed at this. So this naked little body started crying. Standing back and then running. Out the door went little bum, half covered in orange dots, half applied wailing around down the drive and around the yard...

Because a sprint challenge is just what mummy feels like when fighting off a cold!

So race we did as I grabbed him in a fireman's hold and took the screaming mess back inside wondering what the neighbours must be thinking and too angry to laugh but hearing a faint little giggle inside the pit of my stomach.

The only way now to approach this mess of emotion was to lock ourselves in the bathroom to prevent run aways and finish the course of cream. So this we did until I got so mad a I excused myself from the little room until he (and I) had calmed down. But upon trying to finish the task had found he had locked me out of the bathroom!

Giving to the count of three (which has never been a winning result with Master Four anyway) three came and went and it was time to turn into ARMY MUM.

We have a secret door to the garden behind the bathroom which I knew if I took all of the stuff out of the way I could come through this door and jump through the window at him. At least mummy is still cleverer... at this stage.

The look on his face was priceless! It was almost all worth it for that moment when mum came charging through the jungle and hurdled through the opened window!

Taking him firmly by the arm we marched into his room, curtains closed and goodnight.

It was 4:15 in the afternoon.

You know when you have to follow things through completely even when you don't want to/can't be bothered? This was that moment and I knew for him to know not to behave like that again it had to be a big consequence and a swift one for a strong minded little boy, I had to win these important ones.

So the door was closed, dinner was skipped and we were greeted at 5:45am to a sorry face and a much more controlled four year old boy.

He must have needed it, and so did I. Extra sleep and extra space. This mission complete.

Now for a giant breakfast.

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