Sunday, November 11, 2012

I am still here!


Wow, it has been so long! I can't even catch up with my reading list as I am so far behind now. It has just been a bit of a break time for me I think. Too busy yes, but also I needed to stop writing about everything for a while and just live the moment... no pics, no stories, nothing but grabbing the time for what it is.

And it has been amazing.

Not running for the camera at a hysterically funny moment, just laughing on the floor too..

Not juggling a camera on a bike, over the hills as I try to capture the moment...

Not trying to think of something new to write when I just need to sleep, or spend time with the hubby...

It has been nice. But I have missed it!

So I will re-introduce myself with a loving list I think and a "Hi! How you been!?" xxx

This is speaking volumes to me at the mo! 

Goooooood food, dates with the husband...

Being dorks and living it up (for a night), finding our youth by having a night away!


Riding around Mission Bay after finally watching other and wishing it was us!

Notes from Miss 5, (actually I want to go to school) after saying she was too tired but then heard something fun was happening....

Family time

The joy of watching kids feed lambs!

Yummiest drink out

Passions that show at a young age


I could post 100 loves to catch you up on what's been happening in my world, so much to be thankful for!

But, bed and a good book is calling so I am going to listen to that, nite all x

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