Sunday, November 11, 2012

...and I've been busy with this!

If you haven't heard, I have started my own business and this is another good reason I have not had time for my writing, sob sob....

I have started a business in Social Media Management, setting up and overseeing pages for business who don't know how or are too busy to network and keep up with Internet marketing.


It is keeping me well busy and there has been a big response! 

I took the plunge and even though I have only just started, decided to enter the local papers comp, Woman in Business and got to the Top 5!!

It closes on Wed and I have a way to go to get first, but any votes from my blogging friends would be so appreciated! 

Even if I don't win, I am so stoked to have gone this far with no client base and the amazing support I have got from all my family and friends. I have been very touched! 

Thank you!

Here is the link if you have a spare sec, it is simple and quick, thanks so much!

Love Pip x

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