Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My sneeky re-weigh in (wk4) ...

The day after yesterday...

I was not impressed with my wee gain the other day so I stepped it up the next day and re-weighed myself the next morning just to make it all ok in my head. I know there may be weeks when I gain some but I really want to avoid these and loose something/anything each time.

Wednesday morning= 59.4kg.


Yesterday I went for a walk, a very relaxed one but a walk all the same!
I won't say I skipped breakfast... because actually I realised i'm just having breakfast at a normal hour.

*Having two little early rises in our family, from five years ago we have all woken at 6am, or earlier.
This is when we eat all together and quite frankly I am never hungry at this hour!
So, as the kids have grown I have had a coffee with them and waited until I have felt hungry for this meal and it could be 9am or 10am... so this sets me up for breakfast and i'm still not hungry at lunchtime.

Porridge. Covered with a tub of yogurt and seeds and nuts and a tiny bit of maple syrup.

I know this isn't the healthiest out with my little toppings but I figure it is my big main meal of the day, I want to last until the afternoon and I will be burning this meal off, so it's not too bad.

By about the afternoon I become hungry again and have been reaching for fruit.
Multiple cups of tea and bottles of water- yes, this is a great trick!

Dinner: I was all set to have soup...then I thought "yeah nah." I have a big container in the fridge full of soup already made up- another helpful hint of mine, that works for me.

I joined the family and had spag bol but on a blue plate ooooo ever heard of this one? Food looks bigger so you eat less.... I had a little helping, stopped myself at this and had a cup of tea.

Later hubby and I had a well deserved 'date night', I will post about what these are soon and had two small glasses of red wine..... and half a dozen olives with some feta cheese.

I held off the urge to eat the pudding I had made the night before and lucky I didn't because even after a few healthy treats just before bed, this kind of day worked and I am now safely under my first goal.

On to the next goal: 58.5kg (I find it helps breaking the goals down so it feels more do-able) so I have under 1kg to loose this week.... not tooooo daunting.

Are you joining me in this? Let me know, I love to hear your feedback and suggestions! If you don't want to post publicly, find my email address on the contacts tab- thanks!


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